Climate Science Information for Climate Action

A new global climate service, the Climate Information Portal (CIP), was developed by SMHI on behalf of the World Meteorological Organization, World Climate Research Programme and the Green Climate Fund (GCF). The main purpose of the web service is to enhance the base of climate science for future proposals from developing countries to the Green Climate Fund.

Climate information service based on user needs

The CIP was co-designed with potential users and regional experts based on feedback received during workshops (Fig. 1). The primary target users are professionals in climate adaptation from vulnerable countries with poor access to climate information.

The service became operational already in August 2019 but was launched to a wider audience at a side event of COP26 in Glasgow in November 2021.

Figure 1. The location of workshops for co-design and a scientific journal reference to the CIP development process.

Tools on the Climate Information Portal

The CIP includes two main tools:

Data Access Platform - here the user can download pre-calculated climate indicators and explore interactive maps and graphs.

Site-Specific Report - here the user can get an instant climate change overview for any location world-wide.

The water and climate indicators available in the tools were calculated by SMHI from IPCC data, using ensembles from global (CMIP) and regional (CORDEX) climate models, as well as SMHI’s hydrological impact model World-Wide HYPE. 

Interpretation and application of climate information

The service is accompanied by a knowledge base to guide users in how climate information is produced and how to interpret the information.

The portal has shown great potential when elaborating national adaption plans and in motivating funding from the GCF and other donors.

Visit the Climate Information Portal.

Short film about the project and development of the CIP.