Climate Resilient Development for Africa (CRD4Africa) Inception Phase

The Climate Resilient Development for Africa (CRD4Africa) Inception Phase began in the beginning of 2023, which aims to map the needs for regional climate information in Africa together with local partners. To then possibly develop a program to provide high-resolution climate scenario data and training.

The inception phase runs until November 2023 and is financed by Sida. The long-term goal is to contribute to climate adaptation and resilience in Africa. The focus of the inception phase is to understand the need for regional climate information and map the current capacity, in collaboration with local partners.

Post-its used in a workshop with local partners.

SMHI has extensive experience of working with and running capacity development projects with a focus on climate adaptation in Africa. Among other things, through our International Training Programmes (ITO) and CORDEX trainings. SMHI has also developed the visualization platform called to facilitate access to climate information for community planning.

CRD4Africa will build on all these experiences, and together with SMHI's climate scenario expertise, research and data resources, it gives us an unique opportunity to contribute to the global climate goals.

With our local partners, we will map local goals and initiatives to know what knowledge gaps need to be filled in order to be able to deliver climate data for community planning in, among other things, the education, agriculture and energy sectors, but also disaster and warning activities. We will organize six workshops, with out local partners, for experts on site in eastern, southern, central and western Africa. The first two are likely to take place in Kigali (Rwanda) and Maputo (Mozambique), and the others are being planned. Within the inception phase, we will also map global and regional climate goals and strategies, as well as conduct supplementary literature studies.