Education for Chinese hydrologists

Chinese hydrologists from Bureau of Hydrology in China are visiting SMHI for a tailor made education. The participants want to learn how Sweden work with hydrological issues, and how we apply new research in our operations.

Bureau of Hydrology is a large organisation with offices is the different provinces of China. Ma Zhan, who is international coordinator, says:
- We want to exchange experience and improve our methods. It is interesting to see the cooperation in meteorology and hydrology in Sweden, and how SMHI apply new science in the daily work.

The participants will study how SMHI work with hydrological issues aided by hydrological models and other tools, and how we cooperate with other agencies in Sweden and internationally. The education also focuses on climate change and its effects on the hydrological cycle and dam safety. The participants will establish connections with Swedish enterprises and agencies, and visit among others SWECO, Vattenfall and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

Cooperation since 2003

The education is a continuation of an earlier cooperation. In 2003-2006 SMHI gave educations on “Operational Hydrology and Water management” for Chinese hydrologists, and has also supported Bureau of Hydrology when they have organised similar courses.

Kina hydrologi 2
Chinese hydrologists learn how to use SMHI's hydrological model. Foto Jonas German