50 decision-makers from Africa at SMHI's climate course

Two new rounds of the international programme “Climate Change” are now held at SMHI. This time the institute is visited by almost 50 decision-makers from international organisations and companies in Africa.

Since 2007, SMHI has arranged the programme “Climate Change – Mitigation and Adaptation” for Sida. The courses are targeted at decision-makers at various levels in environmental agencies, universities, industry, urban planning authorities and consultancy organisations in developing countries.

Now in October and November, two courses, each lasting four weeks, was held at SMHI in Norrköping. The first course was for the participants from South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. The second course was for the participants from Northern Africa and the Middle East.

Broad programme

-The programme has several focus areas. It deals with the scientific basis of climate change and its effects on, for example, bodies of water, the coastline, forestry and agriculture. We have also been discussing measures aimed at counteracting the consequences of a changed climate, says Sonja Larsson-McCann, course coordinator at SMHI.

-The participants learned more about urban and community planning and strategic choices in development projects. An important part of the course is the participants’ own project work on current issues in their respective native countries, work which continues and will be reported in follow-up meetings on site in Africa, says Sonja Larsson-McCann.