Research on intense precipitation could increase preparedness upon local flooding

Intense precipitation, in the form of, for example, heavy rainfall, may cause very high water and flooding at a local level. Especially vulnerable are cities and areas that are bare and steep. Today, there is no system to warn of floods caused by extreme rainfall. - We need better descriptions of Last updated:

High resolution oil drift forecasts

Seatrack is a system for calculation and presentation of the spread of different substances and objects in lakes and watercourses, and is used for risk analyses, zones for protection of drinkiing water and operative control of oil discharges. In connection with the control of pollution it is highly Last updated:

Ekman spirals and Ekman pumping

affect of the earth’s rotation, which is to the right in the northern hemisphere. Nansen continued to thing about this phenomenon. When the wind, due to friction against the water surface, drives the water in the top layer a little to the right, then this water layer will in turn, through internal Last updated:

Coastal waves

sandy beaches the sand is in constant motion. Sand banks are formed and changed depending on the sea level and the size of the waves. A wave breaks when the depth is less than 1.3 times the wave height. After a wave has broken, it keeps moving forward while continuing to break. After a certain distance Last updated:

Inflows to the Baltic

outflows, salinity and oxygen levels have been monitored in the Baltic for over 100 years by SMHI and other institutes there is a relatively large amount of data available for these events. Many find it surprising that the measurements show that the inflows are nothing unusual. However the inflows that Last updated:

The coastal zone can reduce eutrophication of the Baltic Sea

There are recurring reports of dead zones and hypoxia in the Baltic Sea. Eutrophication – when too many nutrients are released into the sea – is one cause of this. Emissions from agriculture, industry, waste water and forestry increase the injection of nutrients from the areas of land surrounding Last updated:


usually covered by the sea. Unsuspecting people walk out to look at what has been uncovered and maybe even salvage some of the things. But then the tsunami wave rolls in faster than a person can run. The advice is therefore if a tsunami approaches, even if the water level appears to drop, leave the beach Last updated:


Wind has a great effect on the water temperature. A sea breeze leads to warmer water at the coast, while an offshore breeze leads to colder nearshore water. This is because when the wind blows towards the land (an onshore breeze) warm surface water is forced inshore. The opposite happens when the Last updated: