Sam Fredriksson

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Phone: 031 751 89 21

I am a physical oceanographer working mainly with models, however, also interested in field work, especially in order to relate model and field observations. My research is focussing on mixing and transport processes, turbulence, marine renewable energy sources, and marine invasive species. I am therefore working at different scales:
- small scales with Direct Numerical Simulations (DNS) of micro-turbulence near the surface in order to study the transport velocity of greenhouse gasses between ocean and atmosphere
- medium scales with Large Eddy Simulations (LES) for tidal flow including numerical model of tidal power plant, and
- ocean scales with general ocean circulation models including offshore wind power, climate projections and dispersion of pollutants or egg and larvae.

Research interests

  • Circulation and transport processes
  • Turbulence and mixing processes
  • Climate projections
  • Marine invasive species
  • Offshore windpower

Special competences

  • Numerical modelling of turbulence and transport processes at different scales
  • Marine and river renewable energy, offshore windpower