Recommendations to include climate change into Marine Spatial Planning

ClimeMarine produced a fact sheet proposing guidelines for marine spatial planners to take into consideration climate change into their work.

The fact sheet is addressed to planners who are working on Marine Spatial Planning in Sweden. In order to better understand the increased vulnerability of the marine resources due to climate change and to include this information into robust decision-making, the ClimeMarine project recommends spatial planners to:

  • Be aware how climate change will affect different areas of the sea in different ways.
  • Plan marine activities to make sure the cumulative environmental impact takes climate change into account.
  • Plan with adaptive management, as the best available data is continually improving.

Enjoy the 3-min video introducing the fact sheet!

Video clip introducing the ClimeMarine fact sheet. It features recommendations for planners on how to consider climate change in Marine Spatial Planning.
Source: Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute

The fact sheet has a compact A4 format  to allow planners to circulate it and print it easily. It features an illustration from Malva Crona,  winner of the ClimeMarine art contest organised by the project. It is available in English and Swedish.

ClimeMarine fact sheet in English (updated July 8, 2021) (1.8 MB, pdf)

ClimeMarine faktablad på svenska (uppdaterad 8 juli 2021) (1.8 MB, pdf)

Screenshot of the ClimeMarine fact sheet in English
Screenshots of both sides of the ClimeMarine fact sheet.

Explanatory text has been developed, in order to provide the reader with detailed information on the maps featured in the fact sheet and further explanation of how the uncertainties were handled.
Maps information and uncertainties (679 kB, pdf)-Version 1 Dec 2021

“Throughout creative communication, the ClimeMarine project is hoping that its target audience will discover and endorse the proposed guidelines These guidelines are important results from the project.” says Emilie Breviere from the SMHI oceanographic research unit.

ClimeMarine is a project that promotes ecosystem-based management of the Swedish sea with climate change considerations through close contact and information exchange between the project, stakeholders, and decision-makers.

ClimeMarine is funded by the Swedish Research Council for Sustainable Development, Formas, within the framework of the National Research Programme for Climate (grant no. 2017-01949) during 2018-2020.

For more information about the project, please visit the ClimeMarine project webpage or contact:

Iréne Wåhlström, SMHI

Jonas Pålsson, SwAM