Lars Arneborg

Lars Arneborg

PhD, Adjunct Professor

Phone: +46 (0)31 751 89 82

Fields of work

My research is mainly about transport and mixing processes in the ocean, and how these are influenced by, e.g., stratification and topography. I have been working on a range of scales, from cm scale turbulence at the sea surface that influences the exchange of greenhouse gasses between the ocean and the atmosphere, to km scale dense bottom currents that bring saline waters into the Baltic, and warm water towards the ice shelves in Antarctica. Presently I am working on oil spill modelling in ice covered waters with the Seatrack Web model.

Research Interests

  • Circulation and transport processes in fjords, lakes, and archipelagos.
  • Turbulence and mixing processes.
  • Oil spill modelling.

Special competences

Observational studies of small-scale physical processes in the ocean, including turbulence observations.