Elin Almroth Rosell


Elin Almroth Rosell

Phone: + 46 (0)31 751 8969
Email: firstname.lastname@smhi.se

Fields of work

I am research leader of the Marine Environment Group within the Oceanographic Research Unit at the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI). I has a Ph.D. in marine chemistry, and has large experience in both experimental marine chemistry and biogeochemical modeling in both one and three dimensional numerical models in the coastal and open sea. My present research focus is on the impact of climate change and management actions on the marine environment in both the Baltic Sea and in the North Sea. 

Research interests

  • Marine chemistry
  • Biogeochemical modelling
  • Effects of management and climate on eutrophication

Special competences

Benthic marine chemistry and biogeochemical modelling in present and future climate.