Swapan Mallick

Portrait of Swapan Mallick

PhD, Data Assimilation Scientist

Phone: +46 11 495 8629
E-mail: firstname.lastname@smhi.se
Skype: smallick04

Fields of work

Using limited area model, performing data assimilation for numerical weather and climate model initialization and forecast using Satellite, Surface, and Radar quality control good observations. Development of high resolution, convective scale data assimilation system using HARMONIE-EPS system. Performing Data assimilation with EnKF, 3D/ 4D-VAR, Hybrid methods, high-resolution satellite all-sky infrared and microwave radiances from AMSU-A, satellite retrieved cloud properties (CWP), satellite retrieved winds (Atmospheric Motion Vectors, AMVs) from polar-orbiting and geostationary satellite, Radar reflectivity and radial velocity and surface data processing, analysis and assimilation. Weakly coupled ensemble data assimilation and forecasts system and observation impact study.

Research interests

  • High-resolution severe weather and impact-based weather prediction.
  • Data assimilation (EnKF, 3D/ 4D-VAR, Hybrid method): Satellite and conventional data.
  • Observation Pre-processing and Assimilation of Satellite, Radar, and surface observation.
  • Satellite all-sky infrared and microwave radiances, CWP and AMVs analysis and assimilation.
  • Coupled ensemble data assimilation and forecasts system and observation impact study.
  • Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning (AI/ DL) for cloud pattern classification.

Special competences

  • Satellite Data Assimilation
  • Severe Weather Prediction and regional reanalysis system
  • Applied Mathematics and statistics
  • Scientific programming
  • Neural networks and Deep learning