Mega Octaviani

Portrait of Mega Octaviani.
Mega Octaviani.

PhD, Scientific Programmer in Air Dispersion Modelling

Phone: +46 11 495 8205
ORCID ID: 0000-0002-2599-8394

Fields of work

Modelling atmospheric transport and chemistry of aerosols at multiple scales, to understand their formation, composition, aging, and interactions with clouds and climate, as well as their associated health risks.

Research Interests

  • Integrating chemical transport models with other Earth system models
  • Multiphase chemistry of aerosols
  • Climate change and health impact assessments

Special Competences

Model development and evaluation for the simulation of chemical formation, fate, and distribution of atmospheric pollutants. Leveraging insights from interdisciplinary fields, including atmospheric science, climate dynamics, air quality management, and public health.