Berit Arheimer

Ph.D., Professor

Berit Arheimer

Role in team

  • Head of Unit for Hydrological Research at SMHI (some 35 pers.), and member in Management team of the Research & Development department.
  • Coordinator of larger European and international projects.
  • Strategic planning, communication and attracting external funds.


  • Catchment hydrology and modelling at various scales (local, regional, global).
  • Hydrological predications and forecasting.
  • Assessments of hydrological impacts from climate change, water management or water quality deterioration =>
  • Development of climate services, especially for the water sector.

Professional records

  • Initiated the development of the HYPE model and various websites for distributing Open Data and Open Source Code.
  • H-index: 40 and 105 peer-reviewed publications in Web of Science.
  • President elect of IAHS.
  • Full Professor.
  • Winner of EGU Darcy Medal 2021.