Pasha Karami

PhD, Researcher  

Pasha photo

Phone +46 764957711   

Fields of work

Global climate modelling, Regional and global ocean modelling, Arctic ocean and climate dynamics, Decadal climate prediction, Interannual and interdecadal climate variability, Physical Oceanography.

Research interests

  • The role of Arctic sea ice and fresh water export in the North Atlantic Ocean circulation and climate
  • Investigating the interannual and interdecadal climate variability processes for better representation of future climate
  • Understanding the ocean and climate dynamics by applying high resolution global and regional climate models

Special competences

Perform and analyse climate and ocean model simulations. Current projects: FORMAS-funded project- Extreme events in the coastal zone of Baltic Sea, Vinnova-funded project concerning infectious disease risks related to climate(CLAIRE), co-leading the SMHI’s decadal climate prediction simulations.

Past projects: ARCPATH, InterDec, ArcTrain, Paleoclimate modelling as part of ERC-funded project.


Publications by Pasha Karami at SMHI

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