Lars Bärring

Lars Bärring, Rossby Centre
Lars Bärring, Rossby Centre

PhD, Associate professor, Research scientist

Phone +46 11-495 86 04
Skype: lars.barring
Research Gate ID: Lars_Baerring

Fields of work

Evaluation of climate simulations in relation to observational and reanalysis data. Ensemble-based analyses of regional climate model data and applications for impact studies. Interaction with climate change impact scientists. Development of methods and tools for tailoring and dissemination of climate data.

Research Interests

  • To what extent can climate models reproduce the observed climate?
  • How can reanalysis data and ensembles of climate projections be combined to serve the climate impacts community?
  • How can climate projections and reanalyses be tailored to generate useful climate services?

Special competences

Analysis of climate model output, comparison between models and observations, tailoring of climate indices for various applications.


Publications by Lars Bärring at SMHI

  1. Ivanov,Oskar Larsson
    Climate change impact on snow loads in northern Europe
    In: Structural Safety, Vol. 97
    DOI: 10.1016/j.strusafe.2022.102231
  2. Andersson,Sandra
    SMHI Gridded Climatology
  3. Koenigk,Torben
    On the contribution of internal climate variability to European future climate trends
    In: Tellus. Series A, Dynamic meteorology and oceanography, Vol. 72, no 1
    DOI: 10.1080/16000870.2020.1788901

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