CLIMATEUROPE (European climate observations, modelling and services) will coordinate and support Europe’s knowledge base to enable better management of climate-related risks and opportunities, thereby creating greater social and economic value.


•The Europe-wide network for researchers, suppliers and users of climate information;

•A place to share best practices, gaps and recommendations and discover the state of the art about climate observations, modelling and services;

•An opportunity to actively interact with users and suppliers of climate informations.

The overall concept behind CLIMATEUROPE is to create and manage a framework to coordinate, integrate and support Europe’s research and innovation activities in the fields of Earth-System modeling and climate services. The purpose of this concept is to create greater social and economic value for Europe through improved preparation for, and management of, climate-related risks and opportunities arising from making European world-class knowledge more useable and thus more applicable to policy- and decision-making.

CLIMATEUROPE will provide a comprehensive overview of all the relevant activities to ensure the society at large can take full advantage of the investment Europe is making in research and innovation and associated development of services.

Project Goals

CLIMATEUROPE has four primary objectives:

1.Develop a Europe-wide framework for Earth-system modelling and climate service activities.

2.Coordinate and integrate on-going and future European climate modelling, climate observations and climate service infrastructure initiatives.

3.Establish multi-disciplinary expert groups to assess the state-of-the-art in Earth system modelling and climate services in Europe, and identify existing gaps, new challenges and emerging needs.

4.Enhance communication and dissemination activities with stakeholders, in particular through a series of events to bring the network together and showcase progress,  and producing stakeholder-oriented reports on the state-of-the-art in Earth system modelling and climate services in Europe.

Role of  SMHI

Within CLIMATEUROPE, SMHI is leading Work Package 3 on “Mapping and analysis of current Earth system modelling and climate service activities”. There the state of the art in Earth-system modelling to support climate services will be assessed through targeted expertise from the network, and through dialogue between users, providers and researchers.

SMHI is also involved in CLIMATEUROPE’s Communication and dissemination activities, where it will be responsible for editing, producing and releasing the ”State of European earth System Modelling and climate services ” publication series.

Project partners

The project, led by Chris Hewitt rom UK’s Met Office, brings together  11 partners  from 9 European countries. The complete list can be found here.


CLIMATEUROPE is funded by the European Union under Horizon 2020, Project ref. 689029.


CLIMATEUROPE will run from 2016 to 2020.

Contact person at SMHI

Erik Kjellström