Presentations and videos

In the course of 5 years over 200 Swedish students involved in the CRESCENDOschools network  visited SMHI in several occasions to discuss causes, impacts, adaptation and mitigation of climate change. Here is some of the material produced and resulting from those visits.

January 9, 2018 was the kick-off for the CRESCENDOschools for a new group of students! In the video on the right we collected some testomies from the students.

The visits included serious gaming but also "serious lectures"! Below are some of these lectures available for download.

The CRESCENDO project (2.3 MB, pdf)

The CRESCENDOschools network (2.6 MB, pdf)

Modelling global climate change (1.3 MB, pdf)

Communicating climate change (4.6 MB, pdf)

Infographics, how to (3.6 MB, pdf)