Research for more accurate decisions and better information

Large areas of the society are dependent on or influenced by weather and water. Increased requirements with regard to the environment and a climate in change provide new prerequisites. The SMHI research department provides tools, knowledge and decision guidance for the society.

SMHI's research involves the development of tools and knowledge for many industries and areas of society. Mathematical calculation models are important tools which provide an integrated description of the processes on the ground, in the water and in the atmosphere.

The research is an important part in improving the SMHI forecast models and decision guidance for practical public welfare. To develop methods to make better use of observations which form the basis of forecasting, and to develop future climate scenarios, are two important areas.

Example of areas of the SMHI research

Climate releated research

A great deal of the research conducted by SMHI is climate related. Researchers develop climate models, produce climate scenarios and participate in impact and adaptation studies. Mathematical models and methods that utilise data from satellites, radar systems and other observations, are key in the research.

Extensive cooperation

Activities in the research department are based on extensive cooperation with other institutes and research establishments. The researchers collaborate in Swedish research projects, EU projects and other international projects. SMHI is also selected as host institute for the International Project Office for CORDEX. SMHI’s research is mainly externally funded.