Training Programme on Air Quality for decision-makers from India

In May and June, 14 decision-makers from various organisations and companies in India are taking part in SMHI’s tailored programme entitled "Air Pollution Management – India". The main focus is air quality, the effects of air pollution and how urban air can be improved.

SMHI has been organising the global Air Pollution Management programme since 1997 on behalf of Sida. Now a six-week course has been tailored for Indian participants. The first block of four weeks will take place at SMHI in Norrköping, while the follow-up is arranged in India in early 2010.

Programme participants in discussion. On the programme, leading national and international experts will cover several different aspects of air quality, air pollution and its effects. The areas covered include emissions, measurement and modelling, health aspects and different measures for improving air quality, as well as international legislation and agreements.

"The programme focuses partly on providing an overview of the latest findings in air quality and air pollution, and partly on highlighting the specific problems found in India and its immediate surroundings," says programme co-ordinator Sonja Larsson-McCann at SMHI.

Participants will carry out individual project assignments, but they will also work in teams of 3-5 on related problem areas. Project Work will begin during the stay in Sweden and then to be presented during the follow-up seminar in India.