SMHIs forecast valuable input when building new tunnel under the Göta Älv River.

The Swedish Transport Administration is responsible for the development of the infrastructure in Gothenburg where the Marieholm tunnel is a critical component. On behalf of the construction company Züblin Scandinavia, SMHI has provided forecasts for weather and water levels in the Göta Älv River area, in order to increase safety when the tunnel system Tina was to be launched and towed this April.

Züblin Scandinavia has been commissioned by the Swedish Transport Administration to perform the complicated task of establishing a new link under the Göta Älv River in Gothenburg. SMHI has been involved in the launch of Tina, a tunnel element part of the Swedish Transport Administration’s project on improving the connections under the Göta Älv River. To increase safety during the preparation and implementation of the towing of the huge and heavy tunnel element, Züblin was aided by detailed forecasts on weather and water levels in the area, provided by SMHI professional services. SMHI has also provided forecasts for fluxes on the relevant stretches of the Göta Älv River.


Photo: Züblin Scandinavia AB

Valuable aid

The forecasts delivered by SMHI were updated several times a day and were considered a valuable aid to the process. All contractors got safer planning and implementation, thanks to SMHI.

-Information on water levels gave us confidence to carry on the launch. Especially the weather information regarding wind gusts was very helpful. The forecast changed quite a lot over time, but where always coherent with the outcome, says Nicole Jakobs, block manager at Züblin, responsible for the immersion of the tunnel element.

The next tunnel element is currently being built in the great dry dock at the implementation site, and is to be launched this winter. SMHI will then provide detailed forecasts on weather, water levels and fluxes, thus contributing to the completion of the Marieholm tunnel, an important part of the Swedish Transport Administration’s task to further develop Gothenburg’s infrastructure.