More knowledge on climate change indicators for the energy sector

Solar and wind power are growing in Europe and represents a growing part of energy production. This makes information about climate change more important. It is also about the risks of extreme weather that can affect transmission and offshore business. Now SMHI contribute to increased knowledge about the climate. For two years, SMHI will participate in the project Clim4Energy. The focus for SMHI in the project is how the future production of hydropower will be affected as the climate changes.

Hydropower in Scandinavia is sometimes seen as a battery that can deliver power when it is overcast and the sun does not shine, it can easily be turned off and turned on. Within the project there will be case studies of climate parameters relevant for the energy sector. 9 energy-relevent indicators of climate trends in Europa, with focus on the energy market, will be delivered at the end of the project.

In the parts of the project where SMHI participate the focus on the study will be on how changes in the inflow and altered snow season can affect the production of hydropower.

Several European participants in Clim4Energy

The project started in January 2016 and will last until spring 2018. Clim4Energy brings together experts from 7 climate research and service centers and 11 energy practitioners, which will act as co-designers.

The project is coordinated by the CEA (Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission). Other participants are:

  • CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research in France)
  • FMI (Meteorological Institute in Finland)
  • Météo-France (Meteorological Institute in France)
  • BSC (Barcelona Supercomputing Centre in Spain)
  • Met Office (Meteorological Institute in England)
  • GERICS (German Climate Service Center)

In addition to these participants, there are a number of testers (co-designers) which will represent the users of the relevant information. In the part of the project where SMHI will participate the co-designers are: Statkraft, Vattenfall and Nena AS.