Climate course for West Africa

SMHI is organising the international training programme “Climate Change – Mitigation and Adaptation” for the first time in French. Decision makers from West Africa are participating in the training that started at the beginning of December in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso and continues in Sweden for three weeks from 31 January.

SMHI has been arranging training programmes in climate change for decision makers in developing countries since 2007. This edition of the training programme is designed for the French speaking region of West Africa and is taking place in both Africa and Sweden.

Introduction in Burkina Faso for a local touch

The training programme started with an introductory week at the beginning of December 2010 in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

“The idea of having an introductory week is to add a more local touch to the programme, not only by being close to the issues treated, but also to involve local experts,” says Katarina Losjö, who participates in the planning of the training programme.

“This is the first time the “Climate Change – Mitigation and Adaptation” programme is being conducted in French, which entails an extra challenge,” Losjö adds.

Agriculture and health important subjects

The training programme has a general focus on climate change with an interdisciplinary approach. This time the programme has a special focus on subjects such as desertification, agriculture, water resources and health.

The participants will spend three weeks in Sweden in January and February, with a mixture of lectures, discussions and study visits.
“We want to share with the participants the Swedish management of issues related to climate change,” says Losjö.

A regional seminar will be conducted in West Africa during late autumn 2011.