African decision-makers visit SMHI for climate education program

For three weeks, SMHI in Norrköping has hosted close to 30 officials from Southern Africa. They are taking part in an education program on climate change and on how societies can adapt to an altered climate and prevent crises.

African decision-makers visit SMHI for climate education program.

SMHI will be conducting a total of ten climate education programs over a five-year period. Around 300 officials from nine African countries will participate, all in all.

The program is nine months long and is conducted in both Sweden and the regions in Africa.

Edcation programs on climate change and adaptation

The Training program focuses on a number of key perspectives, for example:

  • Cutting edge climate research
  • Impacts of climate change on water resources, agriculture, health, etc.
  • Vulnerability assessment and how societies can handle risks and climate adaptation
  • Decision making under the collusion between different social actors
  • Climate communication
  • Developing modern authorities