The indicator ”Longest heat wave” has been redone

Due to an error, the indicator "Longest heatwave" has been redone. In connection to that, the indicator name was changed to ”Longest period of summer days”. 

The error was that the ”Longest heat wave” mistakenly displayed the same data as ”Number of summer days”. The name change is made to clarify the connection between the two indicators ”Number of summer days” and ”Longest period with summer days”.

Regarding the indicator ”Longest heat wave” and data that was downloaded before March 14, 2023:

  • The data should be replaced with the new dataset the indicator ”Longest period with summer days”.
  • Any calculations based on the ”Longest heat wave” need to be re-done.
  • If the only drawn conclusion is that the length of the longest heatwave will increase, the conclusion is still correct.