Promote equal treatment and inclusion

Equal treatment gets a great focus on SMHI and is seen as a prerequisite for a good work environment. Together, employees and managers work to maintain an inclusive work environment that promotes diversity and prevents discrimination.

SMHI is a member of the Network Equal Conditions; a regional authority network that is working to drive a development in order for the public sector to exercise more of its duty to safeguard human rights.

Since 2009, SMHI has used the Equity Index Institute's Equality Index, Jämix, to follow up and compare various key figures with other authorities and companies. The key figures indicate structural conditions for a gender equality workplace: management, career, salary, ill-health, parenting, part-time, security and active gender equality work.

In 2019, in a partnership with Mitt Liv AB, SMHI initiated an increased focus on equal treatment and discrimination issues. All managers and occupational health and safety representatives participate in a training series with the aim of providing increased understanding and knowledge about equal treatment and norm criticism through the theme of LGBTQ. Through the collaboration with Mitt Liv AB, SMHI is also part of a network that works for equal treatment, as well as a mentoring program for newly arrived academics.