Environmental Engineer and Meteorology and Oceanography Physics, with a PhD in Environmental Sciences.

Ana Carvalho

Tell us about your work at SMHI? What are your duties? How long have you worked at SMHI, lived in Sweden?

My family and myself, we moved to Sweden in January 2017 because I applied to a position in the Air Quality Unit of SMHI’s research Department. I mostly work with the regional air quality model MATCH, supporting my group in the research activities were it is included.

The daily forecast of the atmospheric composition at the European scale is a project where the MATCH model results are considered (

What challenges did you encountered while moving to Sweden? 

Personally I have challenges with different time scales. The short term challenges were related with the difficulty on getting information on how the insurances, of different kinds, works in Sweden. The house and jobless coverage were my biggest concern.

The long term challenge was, and still is, of course, the Swedish language. But as people say to me, “it will come”. Det hoppas jag!

What is the best thing about working at SMHI?

The people! I was taking into a very warm group of people that helps you thrive personally and professionally. The best! 

Is there anything important you would like to tell someone who is in the position of moving here?

It can take some time for your partner and your children would feel as comfortable as you. Taking what comes as opportunities of learning is the best way to go. And Sweden gives several opportunities for it.