Ice development on masts

Knowing how often icing takes place on masts at different heights is interesting to know for various reasons.

  • Icing on wind power plant reduces wind-energy production
  • For the dimensioning of masts
  • When calculating safety distances due to falling ice

Based on the metrological data, ice development can be calculated. For icing to take place on a mast, the following conditions must be fulfilled:

  • Minus degrees
  • The cloud base is under the construction’s height, or it is misty
  • The stronger the wind, the greater the icing

Metrological data is gathered from SMHI's Mesan system, which is a compilation of observations from weather stations, radar and satellite information.

Data has been compiled in the form of a grid with a resolution of 11 km above Sweden (and also outside of Sweden). The temperature, visibility, wind speed, the amount of low cloud coverage and the cloud base is brought together. Data for the exact position is interpolated.