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Extended collaboration on HPC

The three meteorological institutes Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, Finnish Meteorological Institute, The Norwegian Meteorological Institute together with Linköping University, represented by NSC, have explored the possibilities to profit from each other’s competence, experience and resources. Agreements are being prepared and the aim for the collaboration is to ensure that our organisations have access to state of the art High Performance Computing facilities tailored for scientific needs and access to experts in scientific application development and tuning of numerical models on massively parallel computers.

The parties intentions are to have the collaboration agreement signed in the beginning of 2017 and coordinated ITTs for a new HPC hardware and storage are planned to be published in 2nd quarter of 2017. A more detailed timeframe and the final scope will be announced later in a pre announcement for the ITTs.

The collaboration is in accordance with the Nordic government's guidance on strengthening Nordic cooperation and to facilitate and coordinate common procurements.