Expeditionsrapport från U/F Argos vecka 35, 1998

Typ: Rapport
Författare: Bodil Thorstensson


The surface water temperatures were between 15-16°C in the whole area with exception of a region with upwelling south of Utklippan, where the temperature was only 7°C in the surface. Oxygen concentrations below 2 ml/l were found at depths greater than 70m in the Bornholm Basin, greater than 80 m in the eastern Gotland Basin, greater than 90 m in the Landsort Deep. Hydrogen sulphide was present from 150 m in the eastern Gotland Basin and from 80 m in the Bornholm Basin and in the Hanö Bight. In the surface water the nitrate concentrations were below the limit of detection and the phosphate concentrations were of the level 0.1-0.2 mmol/l.