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Aquaclew for better water services

The Aquaclew project has, during the last three years, advanced data quality in Pan-European climate services for the water sector. Robustness, Resolution and Recruitment describes the performance through the entire Climate Service production chain.

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SMHI and NILU develop system for easier collection of air quality data

The demand in Air quality management systems is rising, and in the same time several countries struggle with management of these data. Commissioned by the The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA or Naturvårdsverket), SMHI has been developing such a system for years. Now, together with the …

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New project studies air pollutants from forest fires

There have been several major forest fires in the large, forested areas of the northern hemisphere in recent years, and these have led to an increase in air pollutants which affect human health. Researchers are now investigating how a changed climate with rising temperatures and more extreme …

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Climate change makes reducing eutrophication even more important

Significant reductions in nutrient discharges from the land will result in reduced eutrophication in the Baltic Sea and a better marine environment by 2100 – regardless of how serious the effects of climate change are. These are the findings of research carried out by Stockholm University’s Baltic …

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Cyanobacteria bloom in the Baltic Sea – learn about the phenomenon

This year’s cyanobacteria bloom in the Baltic Sea has just started. The bloom is visible in satellite images from SMHI’s monitoring system ’Baltic Algae Watch System’. SMHI has also created a short informative film raising the awareness about algae and phytoplankton, and their role in the marine …

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