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Tripling of extreme storms in West African Sahel area, due to global warming

Human impact on the climate has made extreme storms three times as common in the last 35 years in the West African Sahel area. Researchers have studied satellite data from the region and in a new Nature paper they show what they think causes the change.

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SMHI at major European geoscience conference

Climate change, precipitation and open data and transparency in water research. There are some topics that SMHI researchers present at the major geoscience conference EGU 2017 in Vienna, 23-28 April.

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Rossby Centre 20th Anniversary

Be sure to save the date: 13-14 September 2017!

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New report on European Earth System Modelling for Climate Services

Earlier this month SMHI submitted to Climateurope a report focused on the state of the art of European Earth System modelling as a key foundation of climate services.

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CRESCENDO is supporting policy makers on routes to realizing the 2015 Paris Agreement

Scientists from the EU project CRESCENDO met EU decision-makers to raise awareness about the challenges and benefits of realizing the Paris Agreement.

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International conference on development of climate services as decision support tools

The fifth international conference on climate services has just been summarized. The conference highlighted several important questions in the developing area around climate services, i.e. decision support from climate information useful for stakeholders in society.

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Introducing a new virtual water-science lab that supports open-source research

A new virtual water-science lab that has been developed by the EU project SWITCH-ON is opening its doors. The water-science lab allows researchers to collaborate and observe each other’s experiments before they are even published. This speeds up the progress of the research and opens it up for …

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Adaptation to a changed climate benefits the forestry sector

Knowledge of climate change affords the forestry sector an opportunity to adapt the planting of pine saplings. Climate change affects the forest’s growing conditions, but with the right knowledge and tools we can adapt the planting of new trees to both existing and future climate conditions.

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The coastal zone can reduce eutrophication of the Baltic Sea

The coastal zone is the area where the land meets the sea. A number of nutrients that are carried by the water from the land remain in the coastal zone. Research has now shown that the coastal zone can reduce the eutrophication in the open seas.

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A climate atlas could provide support in adapting to a climate in change in Africa

For several years, researchers from SMHI have been working with African researchers to gather knowledge on climate change in Africa. They now want to develop a climate atlas showing the regional effects of various climate scenarios as a support for important functions in society.

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