Professional services

SMHI offers products and services of high quality for professional users. The products and services are designed to facilitate your decision making and range from consulting services to products designed for weather sensitive industries.

SMHI has extensive experience in delivering products and services to professional as well as private users. SMHI strives to carry out an active dialogue with our customers in order to develop and adapt our products and services to fit your needs.

The latest news

Hands-on training in air quality modelling for Bulgarian association

ABEA, the Association of Bulgarian Energy Agencies in Bulgaria, uses the state of the art air quality management system Airviro, developed by SMHI and Apertum, for air quality assessments of Bulgarian cities. During a week in September two employees from ABEA visited SMHI for practical training and assistance to get started.

Measuring the impact of air quality management

Dust from mineral deposition sites and transportation from mines has made an imprint on the urban air in Callao, Peru. When measures were introduced to modernise mineral management, SMHI was commissioned to design a new station network for measuring the air quality.

SMHI hydrologist appointed to the committee for Stockholm World Water Week

In September each year, over 200 organisations from all over the world gather in Stockholm to discuss water-related issues from a scientific, economic and political point of view. SMHI will be involved in determining the agenda for next year’s scientific workshops in Stockholm World Water Week.

New tool calculates air pollution from shipping

Shipping emits considerable amounts of air pollutants which affect the climate, the natural environment and human health. In collaboration with the Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA), SMHI has developed a new system for calculating emissions from shipping. Knowledge of these has previously been very limited.

International climate course at SMHI

SMHI organises the international training programme "Climate Change - Mitigation and Adaptation" for the second time this year. Decision makers from 14 countries will learn more about climate change, its effects and how countries can prepare for a changing climate during the four weeks training.

SMHI Weather Routing reduces carbon dioxide emissions

SMHI's services for shipping have the potential to reduce fuel consumption and thereby emissions by just over 430,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year - which equates to the annual emissions from more than 170,000 cars.

Research study shows the way for cleaner air

The calculation model SIMAIR provides realistic information as to how particles and other substances are dispersed in the air. This is confirmed through a unique research study at SMHI.

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Right now

Avoid flooding of constructions near water

Constructions close to water are subjected to considerable stresses during extreme flow events. We can supply information, with the help of both historical data and future climate scenarios, to comply with safety requirements.

Lower your energy costs with SMHI forecast control

SMHI combine estimates of the energy technological properties of a building with detailed forecasts of temperature, sun, wind and precipitation. The result is a special forecast that hour by hour takes account of the heat-storing capacity of the building and upcoming changes of weather.