Research for more accurate decisions and better information

Large areas of the society are dependent on or influenced by weather and water. Increased requirements with regard to the environment and a climate in change provide new prerequisites. The SMHI research department provides tools, knowledge and decision guidance for the society. Read more about the SMHI research.

Research news from SMHI

Wind farms and climate

Wind turbines in large wind farms cause only slight changes in temperature, cloud and rainfall in the region of the wind farms. Globally, the change is negligible. Therefore, there should not be any fear that the operation of wind farms increases climate change.

03 July 2015

Researchers investigate the needs of information about natural disasters for climate change adaptation

Our knowledge is steadily growing about the climate that we can anticipate and the increased risk …

02 July 2015

Report describes climate simulations for Europe

SMHI's researchers have evaluated the ability of the regional atmospheric model RCA4 to …

02 July 2015

Summer school increases knowledge of the Baltic Sea Region's future climate

Starting next week, the BONUS research programme will host a summer school, which will bring around …

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Research Areas

Research Projects

Satellites key to new projects

Satellite information is used in several different ways within SMHIs research. Two new projects are using satellites to monitor clouds in climate models to improve forecasting models.

BalticApp and the Baltic Sea

An upcoming mobile app will give the general public vital information about the state of the environment in the Baltic Sea. Thanks to this app, anyone can assess the state of the environment.

Development of forecasts for direct solar radiation

Short-term forecasts for direct solar radiation will be developed by researchers from SMHI within the framework of a European research project on solar energy.

Open data gives water apps

Apps and web services for forecasting and decision support in the event of flooding, water contamination, irrigation and dam control. This is the aim of a European research project coordinated by SMHI.

About the SMHI Research Department

Kollage med bilder som symboliserar SMHIs forskning och utveckling

Research for more accurate decisions and better information

Large areas of society are dependent on or influenced by the weather and water. Increased requirements with regard to the environment and a changed climate also provide new opportunities.

Climate Research at SMHI

Climate research at the Rossby Centre

The Rossby Centre pursues research on climate processes and the behaviour of the climate system. The principal tools are the global and regional climate models developed within the research unit.

Climate impacts – water in the future

Future climate scenarios indicate higher temperatures in Sweden, more precipitation with higher extreme intensities, and the sea level will rise. SMHI Hydrological research studies how future climate change may affect water availability and flow dynamics in the rivers.

Marine environment in changing climate

In order to compute the various possible scenarios on how the future of the Baltic Sea may develop, we use numerical models which couple the physical, chemical and biological processes in the ocean.

Air Quality and Climate Change

In a future climate the concentrations and depositions of air pollutants may change considerably - resulting in the elimination of our current view of emission reductions. At SMHI research is being carried out with the objective of increasing the knowledge of the link between Climate and Air Quality.