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The coastal zone can reduce eutrophication of the Baltic Sea

The coastal zone is the area where the land meets the sea. A number of nutrients that are carried by the water from the land remain in the coastal zone. Research has now shown that the coastal zone can reduce the eutrophication in the open seas.

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A climate atlas could provide support in adapting to a climate in change in Africa

For several years, researchers from SMHI have been working with African researchers to gather knowledge on climate change in Africa. They now want to develop a climate atlas showing the regional effects of various climate scenarios as a support for important functions in society.

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Cloud-cloud collisions lead to heavier precipitation

Cloud-cloud collisions are very important for creating intensive rain showers, whilst individual clouds have more difficulty growing bigger. Researchers have used many high-resolution models to investigate how precipitation is affected by increasing temperatures. The study has been published in …

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Collaboration between researchers and users build well-used climate service

A ten-year collaboration between SMHI and users around Sweden has created a climate service that describes climate changes in Sweden, Europe and the world. Close discussions between climate researchers and users have been the key to a well-used online tool. This work has now been documented in a …

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GAC SMHI Weather Solutions contributes to safer and more efficient shipping

Forecasts from SMHI are an important piece of the puzzle for safer and more efficient shipping, which is the aim of the EU’s Sea Traffic Management (STM) project. Today, international shipping is relatively unregulated when compared to aviation. The route a particular ship is planning to take is …

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