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New study reveals difference in oxygen isotopes between heavy downpours and large-scale precipitation

In a new study published in Nature Geoscience, researchers have revealed a difference in the distribution of oxygen isotopes between heavy downpours and more widespread rainfall areas. The oxygen isotope 18O is more common in heavy downpours. The discovery makes it possible to study precipitation …

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Switch-On selected as EU success story – again!

The story of Switch-On has been included in yet another compilation booklet of success stories which includes projects from different areas covered by the societal research challenge "Climate Action and Resource Efficiency". It has been selected together with two other actions on EU research within …

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Course in hydrological modelling with the HYPE model

Now you can sign up for the SMHI summer course in hydrological modelling with the HYPE model. The course is open to anyone who wants to learn more about hydrological modelling with the HYPE model. The course will be held August 25-26, 2016 at SMHI in Norrköping, Sweden.

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Regional climate conference concluded with springboard toward the future

The theme for the global scientific conference ICRC CORDEX in 2016 was methods for describing climate from a regional perspective. More than 300 participants from 38 countries around the world discussed climate modelling, climate change, consequences and effects.

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How the climate could change in the Arctic and South Asia

A climate scenario is a description of possible future climate development, in meteorological terms. SMHI's climate scenarios are now available for two new areas; the Arctic and South Asia.

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Climate researchers gather at international meeting in Stockholm

What does global warming mean in different parts of the world? About 350 of the world's climate researchers are meeting in Stockholm to discuss detailed regional calculations of climate change, which are necessary to create supporting information for decisions on regional climate work. The ICRC …

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EGU Award to SMHI researcher

Joseph Sedlar, researcher at the SMHI, has received the EGU Award for outstanding young researchers in the field of atmospheric sciences.

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SMHI Researchers to participate in major geoscientific conference – EGU 2016

Researchers from around the world will be gathering in Vienna for the annual research conference arranged by the European Geosciences Union (EGU) April 18-22. The conference covers all fields of research concerning the earth, the planets and space. This year the theme is The Active Planet.

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Increased water inflow affects the shallow coastal waters of the Arctic Ocean

The ongoing climate change is expected to have major impacts on the Arctic region. Scientists have observed greater inflows of warmer sea water from the Atlantic Ocean to the Arctic Ocean. This is likely to extend the ice-free period and affect the exchange of carbon dioxide and methane between the …

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Joakim Langner is the new head of SMHI research

Joakim Langner has been appointed as new head of the SMHI research department. He has a background of many years as a researcher in air quality and climate, and long experience from leading positions at SMHI.

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