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Climate study presented in Durban

South Africa is one of the regions that will be affected the most by climate change. At COP17 in Durban SMHI will present a study on climate adaptation for eastern South Africa.

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Open Source Community for hydrologists

HYPE Open Source Community is now open to anyone interested in
hydrology, for cooperative code development.

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Health project for eastern Africa

The Healthy Futures project will concentrate on infectious diseases as a result of climate change, in eastern Africa. SMHI will perform climate simulations and communicate the data to disease experts.

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How clouds influence our climate – satellites could provide new answers

A warmer climate could affect cloudiness on our planet. However, a change in cloudiness could in turn have repercussions on the climate. Research to better monitor clouds is now being intensified using satellites.

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Visualization of climate change and challenges for city planning

A new production with visualization technology presents future climate and consequences for cities. Presentations of Urban Water Vision will be held in a Geodome at Stockholm Water Week.

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Climate change affects groundwater

Rising temperatures and more precipitation up to the turn of next century mean that parts of Sweden will have higher groundwater levels, while levels in the south-east of the country may decrease sharply. These are the findings of research carried out by SMHI, the Geological Survey of Sweden (SGU) …

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Tools for floods and coasts

A new EU-project develops solutions for discharge and nutrients to coastal areas across Europe. The model OPERR will provide data for monitoring and forecasts of volume flow and nutrients in European rivers.

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Updated climate model opens new doors

After several years’ work, SMHI’s high-resolution regional climate model has been updated to a new version. The new solutions now make it possible to project detailed climate scenarios around the world.

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How can vegetation affect the climate?

By mapping historical land use are researchers hoping to get more knowledge about how vegetation affects the regional climate. The north European research network Landclim has recently held a workshop.

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Combined science on climate models

Regional climate models have become important tools in providing detailed scenarios regarding climate change. There is now a comprehensive scientific description of SMHI’s models and how they can be used.

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