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Baltic Earth research programme takes more durable form

The Earth System Science programme called Baltic Earth is now entering a permanent phase after an initial year of development. Baltic Earth enables researchers to co-ordinate transnational research around the Baltic Sea.

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Future of the Baltic Sea the focus of new research

The problems associated with eutrophication have long affected the Baltic Sea. Large blooms of toxic algae, oxygen-free bottoms and changes to composition of species have all impacted on the sea. Four years of research will provide more knowledge about the future of the Baltic.

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How will the climate be impacted by future changes to the Arctic's sea ice and snow cover?

This is a key issue in a newly established research project that will examine climate change in the Arctic over the next 30 years. The study will show how the reduced amounts of sea ice and snow in the Arctic are interacting with climate change.

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Increased knowledge of climate change in the Arctic

Changed wind patterns and varying circulation in the ocean affect the future of the Arctic. Researchers have ascertained this after nearly four years of work in a multidisciplinary project to increase knowledge of the climate in the Arctic.

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A new research programme to achieve an improved understanding of the Earth system for the Baltic Sea region

A new international and interdisciplinary research programme, Baltic Earth, is launched. The aim of Baltic Earth is to achieve an improved understanding of the Earth system for the Baltic Sea region, focusing on physical and biogeochemical processes which interact in the atmosphere, in the sea …

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Ocean pH value decreasing

A research project into ocean acidification has increased knowledge about conditions in the Baltic Sea and Kattegat-Skagerrak. When the pH value falls, the whole marine ecosystem is affected.

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How does the climate in the Baltic Sea vary?

How has the climate in the Baltic Sea varied over the past 150 years? How will it develop up to the year 2100? A new research project will analyse how the climate in the Baltic Sea has varied since 1850 and simulate future scenarios for the Baltic Sea.

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New special issue of AMBIO: future state of the Baltic Sea marine environment

The research project ECOSUPPORT focused on how the marine environment in the Baltic Sea might change due to the combined impact of climate change and nutrient discharge. Some of the project’s findings are presented in the new issue of AMBIO from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

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Baltic Sea environment visualized during EU Commission forum

What causes eutrophication in the Baltic Sea? What are the future scenarios for the ocean? Ocean environment issues will be illustrated in a visualization dome theatre during EU Commission forum in Gdansk, October 24-26th.

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Tools for floods and coasts

A new EU-project develops solutions for discharge and nutrients to coastal areas across Europe. The model OPERR will provide data for monitoring and forecasts of volume flow and nutrients in European rivers.

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