Hydrology Research

We provide new information, forecasts and knowledge of water resources in Sweden and world-wide, covering different spatial and temporal scales and a broad range of users. The information is used in decision support for a safe and sustainable society, water management, environmental protection, and building of infrastructure.


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Other reasearch at SMHI

The SMHI research department  focuses mainly on applications in meteorology, hydrology, oceanography, climate and related environmental fields.The researchers collaborate in Swedish research projects, EU projects and other international projects. SMHI’s research is mainly externally funded.

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Professional services

SMHI offers products and services of high quality for professional users as well as private users. The products and services are designed to facilitate your decision making and range from consulting services to products designed for weather sensitive industries. SMHI strives to carry out an active dialogue with our customers in order to develop and adapt our products and services to fit your needs.

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SMHI, Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute

SMHI is a government agency under the Ministry of the Environment. The mission is to manage and develop information on weather, water and climate that provides knowledge and advanced decision-making data for public services, the private sector and the general public. SMHI aims to contribute to increased social benefit, safety and a sustainable society.