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CORDEX Scientific Advisory Team plans for next steps in regional climate modelling

The International Project Office for CORDEX, IPOC hosted by SMHI, the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute was launched in January 2015.  Shortly after, the CORDEX Scientific Advisory Team met to plan future activities that will strengthen regional climate modelling activities across the globe.

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Satellites key to new projects

Satellite information is used in several different ways within SMHIs research. Two new projects are using satellites to monitor clouds in climate models to improve forecasting models.

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New research shows wood smoke's impact on health

Small-scale wood burning is a significant source of air pollution. However, there is limited knowledge as to the effects that wood burning has on people's health. SMHI has cooperated with IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and Umeå University to map the situation in and around Umeå.

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Icing forecasts for wind turbines now possible

Wind power producers can now receive mapped forecasts displaying the icing risk for their wind turbines. This is important for assessing the production status for the next 24 hours. The service comes as a result of several years of research on wind power in cold climates.

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Swedish weather summary for the year 2014

2014 was the warmest year in Sweden since measurements began around 1860. The Swedish mean annual temperature was 0.18°C higher than the previous warmest year 1934. In general the year was wetter than normal in the southern part of the country, and drier than normal in the northern part.

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