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African decision-makers visit SMHI for climate education programme

28 decision-makers from Southern Africa have completed the Climate Change – Mitigation and Adaptation Training Programme at SMHI in Norrköping. In total, 250 people from nine African countries will participate in the programme, the contents of which range from new climate research findings to societal risk management.

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How the climate could change in the Arctic and South Asia

A climate scenario is a description of possible future climate development, in meteorological terms. SMHI's climate scenarios are now available for two new areas; the Arctic and South Asia.

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Climate researchers gather at international meeting in Stockholm

What does global warming mean in different parts of the world? About 350 of the world's climate researchers are meeting in Stockholm to discuss detailed regional calculations of climate change, which are necessary to create supporting information for decisions on regional climate work. The ICRC CORDEX 2016 conference (17-20 May) will conclude with a summary of the scientific challenges that researchers will continue to work with.

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EGU Award to SMHI researcher

Joseph Sedlar, researcher at the SMHI, has received the EGU Award for outstanding young researchers in the field of atmospheric sciences.

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SMHI Researchers to participate in major geoscientific conference – EGU 2016

Researchers from around the world will be gathering in Vienna for the annual research conference arranged by the European Geosciences Union (EGU) April 18-22. The conference covers all fields of research concerning the earth, the planets and space. This year the theme is The Active Planet.

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