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Icing forecasts for wind turbines now possible

Wind power producers can now receive mapped forecasts displaying the icing risk for their wind turbines. This is important for assessing the production status for the next 24 hours. The service comes as a result of several years of research on wind power in cold climates.

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Swedish weather summary for the year 2014

2014 was the warmest year in Sweden since measurements began around 1860. The Swedish mean annual temperature was 0.18°C higher than the previous warmest year 1934. In general the year was wetter than normal in the southern part of the country, and drier than normal in the northern part.

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Coastal Radar - Scandinavian cooperation in the Skagerrak

SMHI is installing a high frequency coastal radar system at two sites along the coast of Bohus -Måseskär and Väderöarna. The radar system will measure surface currents in the Skagerrak and will also be used to discover or locate vessels.

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Research project has developed tools for future hydrology

During a long-standing project, researchers have developed tools which provide new and improved opportunities to work with future hydrology, climate effects and climate adaptation. It has resulted in new knowledge about how future climate can affect the water surrounding us.

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International Project Office for Regional Climate Modelling at SMHI

SMHI has been named as the host of a new International Project Office for regional climate modelling. The Office will support the development of climate models and projections of future climate, facilitate cooperation between regions and countries, and promote knowledge exchange and capacity …

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