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Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute


Researchers investigate the needs of information about natural disasters for climate change adaptati

Researchers shall improve knowledge concerning the information that early climate change adopters require to be able to make decisions. This, in its turn, shall stimulate more effective decision-making about climate adaptation.

Report describes climate simulations for Europe

SMHI's researchers have evaluated the ability of the regional atmospheric model RCA4 to describe the climate in a reliable way. There is now a report that describes the evaluation of the model and SMHI's climate simulations for Europe.


Climate Indicators

We are probably facing a dramatic change in the earth’s climate, which will affect society in many different ways. There is therefore a need to continuously follow the changes in our climate, so SMHI has produced a number of climate indicators for this purpose. 

Climate Research at the Rossby Centre

The Rossby Centre pursues research on climate processes and the behaviour of the climate system. The principal tools are global and regional climate models developed within the research unit.

Climate Scenarios

The results from SMHI’s climate research at the Rossby Centre are found here. Climate scenarios are presented on maps, as diagrams and as downloadable data.


Forecasts and warnings

SMHI provides daily forecasts to the general public and societal functions and issues warnings when faced with severe weather and water events. SMHI also offers products and services that function as vital support in the decision-making of, for example, Swedish authorities, organisations and municipalities.

Climate Change - Mitigation and Adaptation

The International Training Programme Climate Change - Mitigation and Adaptation is designed for decision makers in developing countries. Participating organisations will access the latest research and development in their areas of work, be supervised by skilled Swedish colleagues and experts, expand their networks and enhance working methods.

Seatrack Web

Make forecasts of oil spill with hourly resolution and also track the discharge source.

Airviro - Air Quality Management system

Airviro is appreciated by hundreds of users at authorities and industries worldwide when improving their environmental management.

Be alerted to extreme weather

Prepare for thunderstorms, strong winds and snow with SMS and email alerts, web services, and consultation.

Open access to data for research and development

Open access to SMHI's data is a prerequisite to progress for both research and development of new products and services.