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Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute


19 May 2015

The Baltic Sea Region’s climate is presented in a new book

The Baltic Sea Region will become significantly warmer in the future. There is now a new compilation which describes the Baltic Sea Region’s climate, how it has changed to date and expected developments until the year 2100. It involves an increase of the sea level, coastal erosion and effects on urban areas.

05 May 2015

BalticAPP is set to collect information about the environmental state of the Baltic Sea

An upcoming mobile app will give the general public vital information about the state of the environment in the Baltic Sea. Thanks to this app, anyone will be in a position to assess the state of the environment at a given location. The three-year BONUS project BalticAPP has the task of developing the tool.

04 May 2015

Improved support system facilitates the decontamination of oil in seas covered by ice

Researchers at the SMHI are set to improve their forecasts of spill and discharge diffusion that occurs in the Baltic Sea when the sea is ice covered. The work forms part of a project that will facilitate risk management and decontamination in the case of accidents or incidents in the Baltic Sea during winter.

17 March 2015

CORDEX Scientific Advisory Team plans for next steps in regional climate modelling

The International Project Office for CORDEX, IPOC hosted by SMHI, the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute was launched in January 2015.  Shortly after, the CORDEX Scientific Advisory Team met to plan future activities that will strengthen regional climate modelling activities across the globe.

09 March 2015

Satellites key to new projects

Satellite information is used in several different ways within SMHIs research. Two new projects are using satellites to monitor clouds in climate models to improve forecasting models.

Climate scenarios

New scenarios

See new results from SMHI’s climate research at the Rossby Centre. Climate scenarios are presented on maps, as diagrams and as downloadable data.

Marine Environment

Marine environment

SMHI monitors the marine environment. Current reports, factsheets, marine data and information about our research can be found here:


Wood smoke's impact on health

Small-scale wood burning is a significant source of air pollution. However, there is limited knowledge as to the effects that wood burning has on people's health. SMHI has cooperated with IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and Umeå University to map the situation in and around Umeå.

Open access to data for research and development

Open access to data is a prerequisite to progress for both research and development of new products and services.



Be alerted to extreme weather

Prepare for thunderstorms, strong winds and snow with SMS and email alerts, web services, and consultation.

Seatrack Web

Make forecasts of oil spill with hourly resolution and also track the discharge source.

Airviro - Air Quality Management system

Airviro is appreciated by hundreds of users at authorities and industries worldwide when improving their environmental management.