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Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute


02 September 2014

Research on intense precipitation could increase preparedness upon local flooding

In recent times, abundant rainfall over southwestern Sweden has caused high water levels and flooding. An ongoing research project is developing flow forecasts which are better at capturing the effects of sudden downpours. It allows for better preparedness upon local, extreme water flows in the future. 

21 August 2014

Summer course on hydrological modelling

SMHI provides pan-European water information based on their hydrological model system, E-HYPE (European HYdrological Predictions for the Environment). During the summer, 20 people from six European countries gathered at SMHI to find out more about the model results.

26 June 2014

Baltic Earth research programme takes more durable form

The Earth System Science programme called Baltic Earth is now entering a permanent phase after an initial year of development. Baltic Earth enables researchers to co-ordinate transnational research around the Baltic Sea.

16 June 2014

Regional climate models discussed at Lund conference

More than 200 researchers from around the world are meeting this week in Lund to evaluate the recent development of regional climate models. These models have certainly been improved greatly in recent years; they can be refined further to provide even better support for the preparations we must make for future climate change.

11 June 2014

Researchers recreate European weather

A comprehensive reanalysis project will recreate the weather across Europe for the past 30 years. Precipitation, temperature, wind and air pressure, etc. are described at ground level and 30 km up in the atmosphere. The result is highly interesting for research and climate adaptation alike.

Climate scenarios


New scenarios

See new results from SMHI’s climate research at the Rossby Centre. Climate scenarios are presented on maps, as diagrams and as downloadable data.

Marine Environment


Marine environment

SMHI monitors the marine environment. Current reports, factsheets, marine data and information about our research can be found here:


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SMHI contributes to the IPCC AR5

Researchers and experts from SMHI have contributed to the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report on Climate Change.

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Future torrential rainfall

Changes in the climate are expected to result in heavier rainfall. Calculations with climate models show that a heavy downpour will give 20-30 per cent more rain at the turn of the next century.

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Open access to data for research and development

Open access to data is a prerequisite to progress for both research and development of new products and services.



Havsstrand Seatrack web

Seatrack Web

Make forecasts of oil spill with hourly resolution and also track the discharge source.

Sol, vatten och frostig vass.

WebHyPro - Real time weather and water parameters

The system presents meteorological and hydrological observations, model calculations and forecasts in real time.


Airviro - Air Quality Management system

Airviro is appreciated by hundreds of users at authorities and industries worldwide when improving their environmental management.