MATCH - transport and chemistry model

The dispersion model MATCH is a three-dimensional, Eulerian model developed at SMHI. It is used in a range of applications from urban to global horizontal scale.

The Multi-scale Atmospheric Transport and Chemistry (MATCH) model is a three-dimensional, Eulerian model developed at SMHI.
It is used in a range of applications from urban scale studies on ca. 5km, or higher, resolution (e.g., Gidhagen et al., 2005) to regional/continental scale studies on acidifying/eutrophying deposition and photochemistry (e.g. Langner et al., 2005; Siniarovina and Engardt, 2005; Andersson et al., 2007).

MATCH is used for Air Quality assessment in Sweden and the Baltic Sea region using a set-up combining the MATCH model calculations and monitoring data from Sweden and the neighbouring countries (e.g. Persson and Kahnert, 2006). The model is also used operationally to provide forecasts of radioactivity in case of nuclear emergencies in Europe (Langner et al., 1998).

Model description

MATCH includes modules describing emissions, advection, turbulent mixing and dry and wet deposition. Depending on the application specific modules describing, e.g., chemistry or aerosol dynamics can be added to the basic transport model. Atmospheric weather data are taken from a three-dimensional numerical weather prediction (NWP) model.

The MATCH design is flexible with regard to the horizontal and vertical resolution, and allows for an arbitrary number of chemical compounds. The advection scheme is Bott-type, using fourth-order scheme in the horizontal and a second-order scheme in the vertical. A complete description of the transport model can be found in Robertson et al. (1999).

Model evaluation

The MATCH-Europe photochemistry model has been thoroughly evaluated for "historical" weather data for O3 (see, e.g., van Loon et al. (2007 and 2004)) and, somewhat less extensively, for secondary inorganic aerosol components (see, e.g., Hass et al. (2003) and van Loon et al. (2004)).


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