MyOcean 2

MyOcean 2 is an EU-funded project involving 61 teams in 29 countries in Europe. The main aim of the project is to deliver and operate a sustainable ocean monitoring and forecasting system to users for all marine applications.

SMHI is involved in many work packages of the project, but the Research and Development Department is mainly involved in creating a more than 20 years long (1989-2012) reanalysis for the Baltic Sea and the North Sea.

In a reanalysis, the data from observations and a model are blended in an objective way, using knowledge of expected errors in both model and observations. The result is a three-dimensional data set which evolves in time over many years, without gaps in the data, consistent with both observations and model data.

The MyOcean 2 project started in April 2012 and ends in September 2014. It is a continuation of the also EU-funded project MyOcean, which ran during 2010-2012. More information can be found at