Quadricoccus euryhalinicus Kuylenstierna 1998

Cells in culture. Cells surrounded by mucus to the right. (DIC)


Life-form: Solitary or in colonies

Size: Length 4-11 µm, width 3-10 µm

Resting spore:


Distinctive features: Typically with two or mostly four cells attached to the tubeformed parent cellwall. One chloroplast with a prominent pyrenoid

Similar species:

Distribution: North Sea, Skagerrak

Kuylenstierna, M. & Karlsson, B. 1998. Quadricoccus euryhalinicus sp. nov. (Botryococcaceae, Chlorophyceae), an euryhaline green alga from the Skagerrak, Northeast Atlantic Ocean. Botanica Marina. 41: 317-320.

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