Teleaulax amphioxeia (Conrad) Hill 1992

A-D = A living cell; B&C = Dorsal pyrenoid; D = Grain near the cell anterior; E-F = Cells in Lugol, notice pyrenoid and long ventral flagellum. A-D (BF). E-F (DIC)

Synonym(s): Rhodomonas amphioxeia Conrad 1939 , Chroomonas amphioxeia (Conrad) Butcher 1967

Life-form: Solitary with two flagella

Size: 8-11 µm long and 4-6 µm wide

Resting spore:

Note: Together with Plagioselmis prolonga its one of the most common species of Cryptophyceae on the swedish west coast

Distinctive features: The shape of the cell, the longer ventral flagellum and a long ventral furrow

Similar species: Teleaulax acuta

Distribution: Gulf of Finland, western Baltic, Skagerrak, Atlantic coast of Belgium, east coast of America, Japan

Hill, D. R. A. 1992c. Teleaulax amphioxeia Conrad (Hill), comb. nov. (Cryptophyceae). Baltic Sea Identification Sheet No. 13. Ann. Bot. Fennici. 175-176.

Hill, D. R., Moestrup, Ø. & Vørs, N. 1992. Rekylalger (Cryptophyceae). In: Thomsen, H. A. (ed.) Plankton i de indre danske farvande. Havforskning fra Miljøstyrelsen, Copenhagen, pp. 251-265.

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