Cruise report from R/V Argos week 33, 1997

Type: Report
Author: Björn Sjöberg, Lars Edler


Due to the floodings in Poland and Germany, this expedition was carried out with the main purpose to study the spreading and material transports of river water into the Baltic. The expedition was carried out in cooperation between SMHI, NSEPA, The Fishery Board, IVL and the Swedish Coast Guard as well as with authorities in Germany and Poland. A 1-3 m thick surface layer in the western part of the Pomeranian Bay was strongly influenced by the water from the Oder. The water from the Wisla influenced the the western part of the Bay of Gdansk. In these waters there were elevated levels of phosphate and silica. Outside the Oder the water was depleted of nitrate while there was nitrate left in the water outside the Wisla. High chlorophyll concentrations were measured outside both rivers.