Research for more accurate decisions and better information

Large areas of society are dependent on or influenced by the weather and water. Increased requirements with regard to the environment and a changed climate also provide new opportunities.

SMHI's research involves the development of tools and knowledge for many industries and areas of society. Mathematical calculation models are important tools which provide an integrated description of the processes on the ground, in the water and in the atmosphere.

An important aspect is also to develop methods to make better use of observations which form the basis of forecasting and developing scenarios and also to follow the development of the weather. Activities in the research department are based on extensive cooperation with other institutes and research establishments, both in Sweden and internationally.


Summer course on hydrological modelling

During the summer, 20 people from six European countries gathered at SMHI to find out more about the E-HYPE model results.

Summer course on hydrological modelling

Baltic Earth now permanent research programme

The science programme co-ordinates research into the Baltic Sea across national frontiers. Baltic Earth is led by Markus Meier, SMHI and Anna Rutgersson, Uppsala University.

Baltic Earth research programme takes more durable form

Regional climate models discussed at Lund conference

More than 200 researchers from around the world are meeting this week in Lund to evaluate the recent development of regional climate models. These models can be refined further to provide even better support for the preparations for future climate change.

Regional climate models discussed at Lund conference

Researchers recreate weather

A comprehensive reanalysis project will recreate the weather across Europe for the past 30 years. The result is highly interesting for research and climate adaptation alike.

Reanalysis of European weather

Future of the Baltic Sea

The problems associated with eutrophication have long affected the Baltic Sea with large blooms of toxic algae, and oxygen-free bottoms. Four years of research will provide more knowledge about the future of the Baltic.

Future of the Baltic Sea in focus

Portal for climate model data is launched

The portal is aimed at researchers and other users who work with the impacts of climate change and need access to data from climate modelling.

Portal for data from climate models

Future climate change in the Arctic

A research project is to investigate climate change in the Arctic over the next 30 years. The study will show how the reduced amounts of sea ice and snow in the Arctic are interacting with climate change.

The GREENICE project

Climate change – Europe in 30 years

In the early 2040s, average global temperatures could have risen two degrees above pre-industrial levels. A research project examines the impacts of the increase in temperature.

Climate change – Europe in 30 years

SMHI contributes to the IPCC AR5

Researchers and experts from SMHI have contributed to the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report on Climate Change.

SMHI contributes to the IPCC AR5 on Climate Change

Increased knowledge of climate change in the Arctic

Changed wind patterns and varying circulation in the ocean affect the future of the Arctic. Project ADSIMNOR is near completion.

Results from ADSIMNOR

Rossby Centre scientists at CIRCLE2 conference

The focus of the meeting was to share the results of 10 years of European cooperation in climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation research, and to pave the way for the development of new research in support of climate change adaptation in Europe in the next decade.

SMHI at CIRCLE 2 conference

Development of forecasts for direct solar radiation

Short-term forecasts for direct solar radiation will be developed by researchers from SMHI within the framework of a European research project on solar energy.

SMHI develops forecasts for the solar energy sector

Risk of icing on wind turbines

Local weather forecasts for areas with wind turbines provide knowledge of when wind turbines risk being subjected to icing. Forecasts will now be developed to improve decision-making data.

Improved forecasts under development

IPCC report available online

First part of the fifth assessment report from IPCC, describing the physical science basis, is now available online.

Read the report at

Future torrential rainfall

Changes in the climate are expected to result in heavier rainfall. Calculations with climate models show that a heavy downpour will give 20-30 per cent more rain at the turn of the next century.

Heavier rainfall in future climate
Conference in India, India-HYPE

Water supply in India

In a research project, SMHI developed a hydrological model for India, in which calculations were made of water supply in the country’s future climate.

Climate change is affecting water supply in India

New high resolution climate simulations

SMHI is the first institute in the world to share its latest generation of detailed regional climate simulations covering Europe. The demand from impact researchers, among others, is considerable.

SMHI first with new detailed climate simulations of Europe
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Climate research at SMHI

The Rossby Centre pursues research on climate processes and the behaviour of the climate system.

  1. Climate research at SMHI
  2. More than 100 climate simulations show the future climate
  3. New detailed climate simulation of Europe

Satellite data gives cloud climatology

The properties and distribution of clouds around the globe are important to climate research. There is now a 28-year compilation of clouds and radiation based on data from polar satellites.

Cloud climatology 1982-2009

Research for the future of the Baltic Sea

The research project ECOSUPPORT focused on how the marine environment in the Baltic Sea might change due to the combined impact of climate change and nutrient discharge.

Results from ECOSUPPORT

Air quality important to climate and health

Atmospheric pollutants have a detrimental impact on the environment and human health.

Research on air quality

New hydrological calculation model

A high-resolution hydrological model is being developed for water resources and water quality. HYPE - new hydrological model

Scientific Advisory Committee

SMHI's Scientific Advisory Committee shall provide strategic support for long-term development of SMHI’s research, ensure relevance and promote scientific excellence.

SMHI’s Scientific Advisory Committee