Gyrodinium corallinum Kofoid et Swezy 1921

A = Ventral view with girdle and sulcus and view on nucleus (=arrowheads); B = Cell at two focal planes; C = Dorsal view; D = Striation; E = Nucleus (=arrow) with "peripheral vacuolate zone" (DIC)



Size: Length 124-158 µm, width 52-80 µm.

Resting spore:


Distinctive features: Girdle displaced, with many red inclusions, peculiar nucleus, striation

Similar species:

Distribution: California, Skagerrak

Kofoid, C. A. & Swezy, O. 1921. The free-living unarmored Dinoflagellata. Mem.Univ.California., 5: pp 562.

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