Thalassiosira mediterranea (Schröder) Hasle 1990

Valve in outside view (arrowhead=labiate process) (SEM)

Synonym(s): Coscinosira mediterranea Schröder 1911 , Thalassiosira stellaris Hasle et Guillard in Fryxell & Hasle 1977

Life-form: Cells united in chains

Size: Diameter = 6-20 µm

Resting spore:


Distinctive features: Radial rays and ring of strutted processes midway valve center and margin

Similar species:

Distribution: Warm water region to temperate (Hasle & Syvertsen 1996)

Fryxell, G. & Hasle, G. R.1977. The genus Thalassiosira: Some species with a modified ring of central strutted processes. Beih. zur Nova Hedwigia. 54: 67-89.

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