Thalassiosira guillardii Hasle 1978

A = Valve (TEM); B&C = Valve in Naphrax (arrow=labiate process, arrowheads=strutted processes, B=DIC, C=PH)


Life-form: Solitary

Size: Diameter = 4-14 µm

Resting spore:

Note: Found in inland as well as marine and brackish coastal waters

Distinctive features: One marginal ring of strutted processes, one labiate process taking the place of a strutted process

Similar species:


Hasle, G. R. 1978b. Some freshwater and brackish water species of the diatom genus Thalassiosira Cleve. Phycologia., 17: 263-292.

Hasle, G. R. & Syvertsen, E. E. 1996. Marine diatoms. In: Tomas, C. R. (ed.) Identifying marine diatoms and dinoflagellates. Academic Press, Inc., San Diego, p. 5-385.

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