Minutocellus polymorphus (Hargraves et Guillard) Hasle, von Stosch et Syvertsen 1983

A = Valve with pili (Dry preparation) (DIC); B = Valve with pili (arrow=ocellulus, arrowhead=groups of small papillae) (SEM)

Valve (SEM)

Synonym(s): Bellerochea polymorpha Hargraves et Guillard 1974

Life-form: Solitary or united in chains

Size: Apical axis 2-30 µm, transapical axis 2-3 µm

Resting spore:

Note: Morphologically a very variable species. It is best studied in TEM

Distinctive features: One valve convex and often with pili with short branches near base, the other valve is concave and lacking pili. Apex bearing an ocellulus

Similar species: M. scriptus

Distribution: Widely

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